Good Can Come from Last Nights HEARTBREAK!

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I am still hurting from last night. A game like that is just incredibly hard to get over.  All I had heard about Ole Miss is they are the young up-in-coming team and heard a bunch of the media talking about how they are a darkhorse this year and we almost took them down.  I had nightmares over and over last night about the run by Jeff Scott for 75 yards.  Just gut wrenching like it is for the rest of the Dores fans.  However, despite the heartbreaking loss from last night we still learned a lot, especially about Carta-Samuels.

He showed a lot of heart and even more importantly poise last night on the drive that put us ahead for what we thought would be the win.  He did a great job buying time in he pocket and made great throws to Jordan Matthews even when he was under the highest pressure with the game on the line.  I think that bodes very well for our offense moving forward because Matthews is one of the best receivers in the SEC this season and if he and Carta-Samuels can keep building on the chemistry they showed when the game was on the line our offense could really cause some problems, especially if our running game gets going which I am confident it will.

It sure was a tough loss but there were some good signs!  We just need to keep our heads up and the team does as well!

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